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Akshaya Tritiya aka Akshaya Tadige: The term "Akshaya" means "imperishable" or "everlasting" - something that never fades away. This day is said to bring luck or good fortune to those who make initiations or purchase valuables. The Sun and Moon are believed to be most radiant and best positioned on the Akshaya Tritiya day, according to astrology. The significance of this day stems from the fact that it does not require any special muhurta or auspicious time to do any auspicious work.

Madanratna, a holy text that explains the meaning of the day, goes this way…

 “O Yudhistra the offerings made and the oblations offered in the sacrificial fire (havan) on this day never go in vain,” Lord Sri Krishna says.

As a result, the day became important. Things, deeds, and rituals performed or completed on this day are thought to be eternal since ancient times. As a result, the day is considered auspicious for beginning new projects, businesses, acquisitions, and investments, among other things.

When is Akshay Tritiya celebrated?

On the third day of the Shukla paksha of the Indian month of Vaisakh, Akshaya Tritiya is observed. This occurs in April and May on the Gregorian calendar. Both the Sun and the Moon are said to be at their celestial peak on this day. 'Akha Teej' is another name for this day.

Akshay Tritiya 2021 Thithi:

Akshaya Tritiya: 14th of May, 2021, Friday

Akshaya Tritiya Puja Muhurat: 5:38 AM - 12:18 PM

Tritiya Tithi Starts: 14th of May, 2021, 5:38 AM

Tritiya Tithi Ends: 15th of May, 2021, 7:59 AM

Rituals of Akshaya Tritiya

  • On this day, devotees of Vishnu fast to worship the Lord. Later, the poor are given rice, salt, ghee, vegetables, fruits, and clothing as a form of charity. As a sign of Lord Vishnu, tulsi water is poured all over.
  • This day is the first plowing day for the forthcoming harvest season in Eastern India. Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are also worshipped by businessmen before beginning a new audit book for the next financial year. This is referred to as 'halkhata.'
  • Many people buy gold and gold jewelry on this day. Buying gold on this day is considered pious since gold is a sign of good fortune and prosperity.
  • On this day, people schedule marriages and long journeys.
  • On this day, new business ventures and construction projects begin.
  • On this day, people also take a holy bath in the Ganges, give barley into a sacred fire, and make donations and offerings.
  • On this day, Jains finish their year-long Tapasya and end their worship by drinking sugarcane juice.
  • To ensure good fortune in the future, spiritual rituals, meditation, and chanting holy mantras are recommended.
  • On this day, devotees of Lord Krishna apply sandalwood paste to the deity. It is thought that by doing so, the individual will enter heaven after death.
  • Devotees observe a fast and conduct other rituals to give prayers to Lord Vishnu, Goddess Vaibhav Lakshmi, and Lord Krishna on this day.
  • Clothing, ghee, flour, fruits, salt, and vegetables are also donated to those in need.
  • To invoke Lord Vishnu's blessings, Tulsi water is sprinkled around the place of worship.
  • Businessmen pray to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha for riches and abundance on this auspicious day, which they consider to be very auspicious.
  • Other important rituals of Akshaya Tritiya include a ceremonial bath in holy water and the offering of barley in the sacred fire.
  • Devotees frequently recite holy mantras, meditate, and engage in spiritual practices to obtain Lord Vishnu's blessings and good fortune.
  • Take a cleansing bath first thing in the morning.
  • Fasting should be done during the day.
  • Pray to give blessings in life, offering flowers and sandalwood paste to Lord Vishnu and Parvati Devi.
  • To obtain wealth blessings, you may also pray to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kubera.
  • Offer milk, chana dal, wheat, gold, and clothes as part of the puja vidhi. This Akshaya Tritiya, book an online Puja performed by renowned Pandits to bring a plethora of blessings into your life!
  • With devotion, recite the ‘Vishnu Sahasranamam.'
  • To please Lord Krishna, prepare ‘Poha' for Prasadam.
  • Donating to the needy and brahmins, as well as feeding grass to cows and calves, would bring divine grace.

On this particular day, the following activities are to be carried out:

Purchasing Gold -

Purchasing gold, which is the ultimate symbol of wealth and prosperity, is a common Akshaya Tritiya practice. But why is it that Metal Gold is the only option? The word "gold" comes from the Sanskrit root "Hri," which means "imperishable." In Sanskrit, it's called Hiranya. This term is deeply associated with Hiranyagarbha's Hindu belief system, which means "one born of gold." This term is commonly used to refer to the creator Lord Brahma. According to mythology, the creator sowed a seed in the bleak, barren waters of the universe. The seed grew into a brilliant golden egg that shone like the sun. Brahma, the incarnation of the Creator Himself, was born from this cosmic egg. As a result, it is thought that valuables purchased on this day will increase in value over time.

Making Spiritual Progress Donations -

It is believed that making offerings on Akshaya Tritiya never ceases to be beneficial; in reality, it becomes more so. Donations aid in the reduction of prior birth sins and the increase in virtue. As a result, individuals should give Satpaatre Daan, or make an offering in activities that not only help natives grow spiritually but also protect the nation and Dharma.

The donor does not gain merit by offering satpaatre daan, but his karma (of donation) becomes akarma (karma performed without any doer-ship and therefore not attracting any merit or demerit) and he is spiritually elevated. Instead of going to Heaven, the seeker progresses spiritually by ascending to higher optimistic celestial planes (Loka).

Til (sesame) Tarpan is offered to the gods and ancestors -

On this day, natives experience a 60-70 percent rise in spiritual purity. The presence of departed ancestral souls, on the other hand, can cause 30-40% distress.

Offering sesame and water to deities and ancestors is known as Til Tarpan. Sesame is a sign of sattvikta and is thought to negate harmful energies. The pure spiritual feeling is symbolized by water. As a result, by presenting tarpan natives to the Lord with gratitude, they surrender. Ancestors owe humanity a debt of gratitude. As a result, giving tarpan to them on this day is a way of repaying ancestors' debt. As a result, the native's spiritual growth is blessed, and challenges in different aspects of his personal life are eliminated.

Worshipping Mother Earth -

Goddess Mother Earth (Mrutika Devi) is worshipped on this day to seek eternal blessings. Mother Earth is said to bless devotees with food grains (Dhaanyalakshmi), riches (Dhanalakshmi), and prosperity (Dhanalakshmi) (Vaibhavlakshmi).

The planting of trees -

It is said that trees planted on this auspicious day bear a bountiful harvest. Similarly, Ayurvedic medicinal herbs planted on this auspicious day thrive forever, and there is never a shortage of them.

Pujas performed on this day:

Prayers on this day, according to ancient seers, will pave the way for material and spiritual wealth. Lord Vishnu is the ruler of the day. In addition, Deity Hayagriva, Deity Narayan, and Deity Parshuram all descended on Earth on this day.

Pujas and offerings to Goddess Vaibhav Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Krishna are performed to commemorate the occasion.

On this day, Kubera, the Gods' treasurer, prays to goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of riches, and Vishnu's consort, according to the Lakshmi Tantrum. Devotees also conduct a day-long Kubera Lakshmi Puja, in which they worship an image of Vaibhav Lakshmi, as well as the Sudarsana chakra and the Kubera yantra, which represents Kubera.

This day is dedicated to recitations (Japa), penance (Tapa), donations (Dana), ceremonial bathing (Snaana), sacrifices (Havan), and burnt oblations to fire (Hooma). Rice, salt, ghee, sugar, vegetables, tamarind, fruit, and clothing are distributed as charity.

Akshay Tritiya Puja Mantra

Chanting the below mantra is known to bring peace of mind and good health:

“Jamadagnya mahaveera kshatriyaantha kara prabho

Gruhanarghyam mayadattam krupayaa parameshwaraa”

For a boost in your wealth this auspicious Akha Teej, chant the below mantra:

“Kubera Twam Danadeesam Gruha Te Kamala Sithta

Tam Devem Prehayasu Twam Madgruhe te Namo Namah”

May the Lord solve all your problems and bless you with prosperity and abundance in life. Happy Akshaya Tritiya!

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