Afghan Women’s Rights Activist Mahbouba Seraj Shortlisted for Nobel Peace Prize

Mahbouba Seraj (L) and Narges Mohammadi (R) - Sakshi Post

Kabul: Afghan women’s rights activist Mahbouba Seraj has been shortlisted for the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize. She is a fearless human rights campaigner who stood her ground despite getting a chance to leave the war-torn country after the Taliban seized power in August 2001. 

Seraj was nominated jointly by Narges Mohammadi, the Iranian human rights activist and lawyer, who is currently in jail. The 75-year-old Seraj, who holds a US passport, continues to advocate for the rights of Afghan women and girls despite threats to her life. 

Announcing the nominations for the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize, the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) said both women have shone "a spotlight on the non-violent struggle for human rights" and are "highly deserving nominees to share the prize, based on their tireless efforts to improve women's rights in Iran and Afghanistan." Radio Free Europe (RFE)/Radio Liberty (RL) reported.
Reacting to the nomination, Seraj said the winning of the prize would be a ‘great honour for Afghanistan’. 

“From the girls who have taken to the streets of Afghanistan and raised their voices to those who have lost their lives, been imprisoned, or suffered,” Seraj said. 

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