Rishaad Chaudhry's Second Single Sad Reels a Catchy Melodic Rap Number

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Rishaad Chaudhry is back with his second single of the year, a catchy melodic rap number titled-Sad reel - that comments on the duplicity of modern relations in the age of social media. It may not be a conventional norm to be truly genre-agnostic but for 20-year-old Singer-Songwriter & Rapper Rishaad, music has always existed in the experiential, exploratory realm. Overdose of digital way of life in the pandemic, led this young debutant to his fortuitous affair with music, with 4 singles already under his belt, he’s just getting started.         

“F*** around w(ith) me, then they prolly save that sad reel ya,” the words sharply cut across as the rapper calls out ‘the fake’, who are not likely to practice what they preach in their virtual avtaars. Self-doubt, ingenuity of modern day late teen/early 20s relationships complicated by the duplicity of social media are a few key themes that this no-holds-barred, uptempo melodic rap single by Rishaad Chaudhry examines. 

It is safe to say that the pandemic was in a way a hotbed of realisations and ‘don’t wait any longer to go chase your dream’ resolves. While it may be difficult to imagine a teenager getting sick of the online life, this 20-year-old artist is today 4 singles old thanks to his distaste of the tech overload in the first lockdown of 2020. 

Rishaad Chaudhry, since his early years possessed a deep love for music, singing & strumming the guitar. But, the casual pursuit turned into ‘go to’ activity while he was locked in like the rest of the world during the pandemic. And, it was also his saviour from the anxiousness and monotony of the situation along with the digital overdose. Music became his medium to reach out to friends and loved ones who were socially distant, to cheer them up and remind them that they were in his thoughts.

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