CEO Kang Assaults OMEGA X Members, Here Is Full Video

CEO Kang Assaults OMEGA X Members, Here Is Full Video - Sakshi Post

Spire CEO Kang assaulted OMEGA X members. In their latest exclusive, SBS News revealed video footage taken from the night when Spire Entertainment‘s CEO Kang Seong Hee verbally and physically abused OMEGA X, especially member Jaehan, in Los Angeles.

In the leaked video, the group members were standing in the parking lot outside a restaurant in Los Angeles. Kang, the CEO, can be heard shouting at the members.

Here is translated version of the video.

Kang: Go on, say your piece!
Kang: Do you really think you deserved to be loved by all these people, you b*stards?
Kang: You don’t even know what it means to be loved. You’re all just f*cking manipulative.
Kang: What, are you superstars now?
Kang: It’s not like you made it all the way here on your own.
Kang: Dying of exhaustion, huh? Kim Jaehan!
Kang: (Mockingly) Poor Mister Kim. Just quit being an idol, really. You’re sick all the time.

Other OMEGA X members can be heard defending Jaehan and asking Kang to stop the aggressive behavior. But, as evident in the video, Kang’s tantrum continues.

Kang: Aren’t you going to get up? Get up. GET UP!
OMEGA X: Ma’am, please. Stop.
Kang: Do you even know how many times I passed out?
OMEGA X: He’s not feeling well right now.
Kang: I’m not well either. In fact, I’m dying in pain right now!

And then the members wanted to help Jaehan but the CEO seems to be more aggressive and lost her cool.

Kang: Hello? When I passed out, none of you cared for me like this. Did you?
Kang: Do any of you even know how many times I’ve passed out?
Kang: Get up. Get up right now, Kim Jaehan!

Soon, Jaehan pulls himself together and starts collecting his things to get up. When his fellow member asks if he’s feeling all right, Kang scoffs and accuses Jaehan of “putting on a show.” Even as Jaehan stumbles over to get himself in a vehicle, Kang insists he’s acting sick on purpose.

OMEGA X: Please, ma’am. Stop.
Kang: Stop? You want me to stop?
OMEGA X: (To Jaehan) Are you okay?
Kang: You’re putting on a show.
(Jaehan walks over to a vehicle.)
Kang: Hey! Stand up straight! Don’t be fooled, he’s obviously acting sick!

With Kang being impossible to stop, a voice behind the camera recording suggests either asking the driver to lock the door or walking back to the hotel.

OMEGA X: Should we ask to have the [car] doors locked?
OMEGA X: Or should we walk back? It is a whole 12 blocks away, though.

Kang was so angry and upset for not taking care of her like Jaehan when she was sick. 

Kang: Have any of you done this for me? When I was struggling, have you ever taken care of me this way?
Kang: Who do you think you are? Huh? WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?
OMEGA X: He’s about to lose consciousness.
Kang: Well, I’ve been there already.

Then, as Jaehan tries to take the elevator up to his room, Kang grabs him in an act of rage making him stumble down. Others rush over to help Jaehan up, all the while Kang remains hostile toward the struggling member.

Kang: Stand up!
OMEGA X: What do you think you’re doing?!

The video ends as it captures member Jaehan in tears and the others were seen supporting him.

(Inputs: Koreaboo)

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