Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksha Flees To Maldives Today

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Sri Lanka president Gotabaya Rajapaksha flew out of his country to the Maldives early Wednesday on a military aircraft, ahead of his expected resignation today. It is all known knowledge about the protests going on in the island nation against Sri Lankan's worst-ever economic crisis.

Sri Lankan Air Force provided an aircraft Gotabaya Rajapaksha to leave the country following a decision by the security council, Air Force spokesman Group Captain Dushan Wijesinghe said on local television.

He further stated that a request had come in from the current government and was approved by the Ministry of Defense. Rajapaksa left with his wife and two bodyguards.

An airport official said, "There were some anxious moments, but in the end, everything worked out OK and the aircraft is due to land at the Male international airport.”

Gotabaya Rajapaksha conveyed a message to the Speaker of Parliament and the Prime Minister to submit his resignation on Wednesday. As per protocol, he needs to send the resignation to the chief justice of Sri Lanka and then send a copy to the PM and the Speaker of Parliament.

Gotabaya Rajapaksha's brother former Finance Minister Basil Rajapaksa, also reportedly tried to flee the country to Dubai on Monday but was stopped at the airport. He is being held responsible for Sri Lankan's worst economic crisis.

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