Charminar Mecca Masjid Doors Open For Friday Prayers After One Year

Charminar And Mecca Masjid Open For Prayers - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: After one full year of wait, the main doors of Charminar’s Mecca Masjid were finally opened for prayers. The main door opened to the public after the completion of renovation and restoration. The people were finally able to offer their Friday prayers.

On Friday, (18th Dec), the doors were inspected by MLAs Syed Ahmed Pasha Quadri (Yakutpura) and Mumtaz Ahmed Khan (Charminar) and after that permission to open the gates were given. Now the door will open everyday from morning to night.

The reconstruction and restoration of other parts of the Masjid are still under works. But after a lot of talks, the main door was opened. The current situation was kept in mind while taking this decision.

Pasha Quadri said that the work on the main door was completed around 3 months back but was kept closed due to the lockdown. Even now that the door has been opened, strict rules will be followed. There is restriction on the number of entries allowed and other COVID norms will be followed. Since a lot of things are going back to normal routine, this decision was also taken.

Speaking about the other works such as restoration of Ablution Houzz (water sump), in Masjid, Mumtaz Khan said that the construction was a little slow under their previous contractor, but now they have appointed a new contractor and the restoration process has sped up. Almost 80 percent of the work has been done and remaining work is also being done as soon as possible.

Considering the fact that this Mosque has been there since 16th century, any reconstruction or restoration work needs to be done delicately. The department of Heritage is taking all the care. GHMC is currently working on construction of modern toilets on the outer peripheral of the Masjid. 

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