Udaariyaan Serial Written Update December 29: Angad Meets With An Accident

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In today's episode of Udaariyaan, Fateh tells Jasmine that he will tell the truth to Tejo about their marriage if she tries to hurt her. Jasmine tells Fateh to tell the truth where Tejo comes back to him leaving Angad. Meanwhile, Fateh warns Jasmine that if she wants to hurt Tejo them she should first face her. Later, Fateh catches the photographer who is helping Jasmine and asks him to help him or be prepared to get exposed. The photographer calls Jasmine and asks her what Fateh narrated to him. Elsewhere, Jasmine meets Fateh but doesn't recognise him as he dresses up like Punjabi. Jasmine gets into Fateh's trap and later gets arrested according to his plan. On the other hand, Angad meets with an accident where Tejo gets calls from the hospital.

In yesterday's episode, Angad warns Fateh to stay away from Tejo. Tejo questions Angad about how did he get hurt and compares him with Fateh where Angad lashes out at her and tells to why she always reminds Fateh. Meanwhile, Fateh inquires about Angad and asks Sharma about his past. Sharma says that Angad lost his brother in an accident where their daughter Riya is with him. Sharma tells Fateh that Riya's Nani has issues with Angad about Riya's custody. The next day Fateh follows Jasmine to ruin her plan. Later Fateh stops Jasmine from executing her plan. Jasmine gets stunned by seeing Fateh. Jasmine and Fateh get into a heated argument. Fateh gets knows that Jasmine is using Riya to hurt Tejo. He tells Riya's Nani to trust Jasmine. Fateh takes Jasmine away from Angad and Tejo. 

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