Twitterati goes gaga over Chintan Rachchh's character of Faruq Manzoor in Netflix's 'CLASS" series

 - Sakshi Post

One of the most popular and trending names in the OTT entertainment industry right now is none other than Chintan Rachchh. The actor who has gained massive popularity for his character, Faruq Manzoor. The internet has gone insane over the actor's performance in the series as well as his devastatingly handsome looks and appearances. 

Check out some tweets about fans crushing on Chintan Rachchh that capture the devotion of his fandom, and IMO, they're so relatable. As they have flooded his entire social media platforms with love and power to do such a brave and massive character like Faruq. Perhaps it's his incredible acting ability while playing or his perfect bone structure. Maybe it's his lustrous locks of hair. It could also be the fact that he looks like the subject of a Renaissance painting coming to life. For all the Faruq Manzoor fans out there, these thirsty tweets will totally speak to you.

"I’ve always loved Chintan’s poetry and could always relate to the words he wrote, but seeing him in the Class, wow. His portrayal of Faruq was so natural, dreamlike, and compelling. He was literally the life and soul of Class #ClassOnNetflix"

We can definitively say that Chintan has truly left a mark in the minds of the audience for his outstanding performance and how suppresses his feelings are. 

Chintan Rachchh began his career as a poet and theater artist before making his Bollywood debut in the Netflix series "Class" alongside Anjali Sivaraman, Piyush Khati, Gurfateh Pirzada, and Ayesha Kanga.

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