Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram Today's Episode August 07: Anu's Family Visits Temple For Blessings

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Meera, after breaking the glass, hurts herself and pours the blood on the wedding invitation cards of Anu and Arya. She later takes a leave from Subbu and Padma telling them that she will go to a hospital later.

Padma gets worried seeing blood on the wedding card. She gets afraid that something bad may happen after the wedding. Meanwhile, Anu comes and convinces them that it happened by mistake and asks them to leave the issue. Afraid Paddu, suggests to Anu and Subbu that they should visit the temple and take God's blessings.

Arya takes the first wedding invite to the temple. Anu’s parents go to the same temple and witness yet another ill-omen. Anu and Arya seek the priest’s blessings together. Later, Anu thanks Arya for helping Subbu without hurting his ego.

Padma and Subbu explains the priest about the situation they are facing with the wedding card. The priest advises making Anu offer Bonam to Goddess Gauramma the next day to get rid of the obstacles for the wedding. Will Meera devises a plan to stop Anu is to be watched in the next episode.

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