Nara Rohit Too Not Interested In Pushpa?

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Writer and Director, Sukumar takes his own time in writing scripts and executing them on screen. He admitted for being a perfectionist and a person who prefers to change things even on editing table before he locks a cut. 

Hence, he made only seven films over the 16 years of his career in TFI. Post Rangasthalam, the expectations from the director have reached sky-high and to meet them he came up with Pushpa script. 

He wanted to make it with Mahesh Babu but the director and actor had difference of  creative opinions and they have decided to meet again for another script. Sukumar met Allu Arjun and the actor accepted to be part of it. 

Allu Arjun and Sukumar have been great friends since, their first film, Arya. Now, the film team is facing two issues. One the locations issue to start the shoot and the other - finding an actor to play the antagonist role. 

Vijay Sethupathi first agreed to be part of the film later did not want the film to release in Tamil with his role. As the makers did not accept to go with him and not release in Tamil, he quit the film. Later, Nara Rohit came into picture. 

We heard that the actor has decided to not take up the part even though he likes to play negative parts in films. He will give himself a chance to prove his caliber as a lead actor first, say sources close to him. He declined the offer from Sukumar sighting the same reasons openly and in a friendly manner, according to the sources. 

So, who will be the antagonist of Pushpa? Sukumar has come up with some memorable antagonist roles. Who will take up the challenge to pull off another typical  role from him? Stay tuned for more updates.

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