Madhavi Latha's Sensational Comments On Tollywood Drug Culture!

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Actress turned politician Madhavi Latha made sensational comments on the Tollywood film industry. She stated that there wouldn’t a party without drugs in Tollywood. She urged the Telangana officials to look into the matter.

Bollywood actor Sushanth Singh Rajput committed suicide on June 14 at his Bandra residence, Mumbai. A case has been filed against his alleged girlfriend, Rhea Chakraborthy. With each passing day, the case is getting murkier. The NCB is investigating the case when Rhea told officials during the investigation that Sushant has a habit of taking drugs. Rhea Chakraborty is the prime accessed in Sushanth’s case. Reports say that NCB has filed a criminal case against Rhea.

Kangana Ranaut is expressing her views in Sushant Singh Rajput's case. Probably, Madhavi Latha is also following her footsteps. The 'Nacchavule' heroine wrote on her Facebook that it is good, NCB is dealing with Sushant's case. Reports claim that many Bollywood stars take drugs. She further added that the Telugu film industry was spoiled a lot with drugs. We don’t know whether stars will help the poor or not but they spend a lot to purchase drugs. Madhavi Latha said that it is better to enjoy the food which has the permission of our nation so that it can increase the income of our country. She questioned, "Why to risk lives by taking drugs?"

Here’s what she wrote on Facebook.
It is good to step into Sushant case
It is true that drugs are good in Bollywood
But I have a doubt that they will finally think that it is there.
Because they are such a big babu right
Even in that, the cinema industry has already got a bad name
But drugs are crime
Will they feed a poor man or not to drugs
Do you say 1 packets or grams?
They will put finger on something, that is their wish.
Eat and drink what is allowed in India
Increase the income for the country but
Why are other countries convertible disasters
No one will expose the atrocities happening in that drug
That's okay but
Telangana NCB sirs, have an eye on our Tollywood also.
Keep a serious eye instead of crab
It is in use in our industry
Without that some parties will not happen here
They came in 2009 and went back with political support
The officer who made a deal by pressing his mouth
They have fallen to other department
Hands are too big for the law that's why they break when they die
So much atrocities happening in the intoxication
1. cinema people
2. pubs
3. students
They are increasing income for drug addicts by using well
Just watch and keep it under control....
Disclaimer :-
Oh my god, I'm afraid that someone may threaten me for posting this. No one will fight with drugs. Even those officers won't look at it. They are afraid if they are caught in reality.
If the governments that are caught, they are afraid of leaving the officers somehow.
Okay, if anything happens to me, I might have to file a case for the inability of law....

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