KGF 2 Review, Rating: Prashanth Neel Glorifies Yash, A Visual Treat For Rocky Bhai Fans

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Prashanth Neel's KGF Chapter 1 was a movie which not just catapulted the director's status to a new level, but also turned Sandalwood Rocking Star Yash into a global icon. So one can very well imagine the high expectations surrounding the sequel—KGF Chapter 2.

In KGF Chapter 1, Yash ka Rocky Bhai was portrayed as a street-smart, intelligent and strong individual, who takes supari to kill Garuda in Narachi, a hell on earth. The first part ended on the note and had created a lot of curiosity among the audience as to what happens next. Prashanth Neel is back with the sequel and read on to know what KGF Chapter 2 is all about...

Rocky Bhai vibes
Rocky is the new leader in the Kolar Gold Fields. He became partners with those who actually gave him the supari. He knows how to keep people in their places. Of course, his lifestyle has changed. Instead of being content with what he has got, Rocky is now ambitious. Rocky's mantra is not to confine himself to a territory, he wants to rule the world! He considers himself as the CEO of India. He doesn't rest till he sees the end of his rivals. His love for the yellow metal has grown. However, just when Rocky is basking the glory of being the king of KGF comes an roadblock in the form of Adheera (Sanjay Dutt). Part 2 begins from here

KGF 2 Analysis
KGF makers had said that KGF Chapter 2 would be 10 times better than the prequel and you can't help but agree with them after watching the sequel. It is evident that Prashanth Neel's entire focus in KGF 2 is on making of the movie. He justifies the money spent by the producer by bringing to life his vision on the big screen. KGF 2 on that aspect is a visual treat. Credit must go to cinematographer Bhuvan Gowda has done a splendid job of capturing some mindblowing shots with his camera which transports the audience to another magical world. Art director Shivakumar deserves equal credit for his outstanding work.

There is no doubt that Prashanth Neel has put in a lot of work into the script, which is evident in the movie. Yet, that falls short of audience expectations, considering the hype created around the movie. The violence seems a bit too much. The director could have focussed a bit more on highlighting the mother-son sentiment. Ravi Basrur has done a fantastic job with respect to Background score. When you watch the Toofan song on the big screen, it gives you goosebumps! The actions scenes stand out but Rocky-Adheera faceoff could have been more effective. There are a few scenes like the copter scene which seems a overdone and could have been avoided.

What works for the movie
Yash has breathed life into his character of Rocky Bhai. His punch dialogues are whistleworthy and it appears have been put there to appease the Sandalwood Rocking Star fans. Srinidhi Shetty gets an extended cameo in KGF part 2 and her role is integral to the movie plot. Raveena Tandon shines as the strict PM. Even though Kannada fans would miss Anant Nag, the makers have made sure Prakash Raj delivers in his narration. telugu actor Rao Ramesh steals the show in his Kannada debut by dubbing for his role himself and we must say his efforts are commendable. Vashishta Simha, Malavika Avinash, Achyuth Kumar, Ayyappa P Sharma, Eshwari Rao, Tarak Ponappa and Saran have done justice to their roles. 

What's missing!
The audience feel the way the makers projected Sanjay Dutt's adheera character as being cruel and bad doesn't translate on the big screen. He is not as powerful as he was projected. He isn't as powerful a villain as audience expected.

Verdict: KGF Chapter 2 has all the ingredients to make it a masala potboiler and appeases Yash fans, thanks to the way his Rocky Bhai character is elevated by Prashanth Neel. KGF 2 falls short of expectations, but worth watching once.


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