Kangana Ranaut Makes Shocking Comments On Bollywood Parties

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Kangana Ranaut gave a controversial interview to a popular media outlet. She said in that interview that the most of the Bollywood people take drugs. 

She said a popular character actor introduced her to the world of drugs and she has decided to stay away from such vices early. She felt as if that character actor wanted to sell her off to people from Dubai at the parties, she was asked to accompany him. 

Later, she said that more Bollywood elite group take drugs at the parties regularly and she saw that with her own eyes. She did not spare anyone. 

When she was asked about how the drugs flow into these parties, she said that she assumes the flow of narcotics happen in a very sophisticated manner without anybody noticing them. 

She said that it was alarming to her when she got invited to these exclusive parties to keep herself non-chalant and at a safe distance from these influences. 

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