Kabzaa Movie Review: Even Upendra, Sudeep, Shivanna Trio Can't Save This Movie

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Kabzaa Review: Gangster movies are dime a dozen. So are pan India films. Wonder if there are so many takers for a movie released in multiple languages. That apart, the minimum expectation from a movie, irrespective of how many languages it is released in, is the storyline. Now, that's where Kabzaa fails and miserably at that! Can you imagine a freedom fighter's son becoming a gangster? Here goes the story and what went wrong.

But before we start analysing the film, you must know who are the crew members. Well, this R Chandru directorial features Upendra in the lead role supported by Murali Sharma, Shriya Saran with blink and miss appearances of Kichcha Sudeep and Shivanna.

Now about the film...

Kabzaa plot
Arkeshwara an IAF pilot turns into a baddie to take revenge for his brother's brutal hacking. 

When the makers dropped the Kabzaa trailer, movie buffs said the film is made on the lines of KGF with its grand sets. However, let me tell you they were not wrong. There have been too many movies even before KGF with similar plot.

Now, what makes KGF unbearable is the loud music, the running commentary throughout the movie (we simply wish we were watching a live game) and lack of connect. I am still wondering how the trailer managed to garner nearly 4 million views. Well, that's a story for another day to discuss.

It is true that Upendra needs a pat on his back to try something new in terms of his hairdo, look and the role itself. However, we really wish he had foreseen the outcome. The biggest shock is not the movie itself, but the end credit which hints at a sequel. Will people still rush to theatres after watching the disastrous first part? Your guess is as good as mine.

1940s sets
Upendra's performance
Murali Sharma
Shivanna/Sudeep cameos

lack of a tight screenplay
Unncessary item song
Loud music

Verdict: Kabzaa is strictly for Uppi fans

Rating: 2.5/5


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