BTS ARMY Sees Strange Connection Between Princess Diana and Jungkook

 - Sakshi Post

BTS global fans have come up with a wild theory claiming there’s a connection between the South Korean boyband BTS youngest member and the later Diana, Princess of Wales. The BTS member Jungkook was trending on Twitter on April 13 as their fans or as we call them ARMY started digging out uncanny similarities between him and Princess Diana. 

A fan said Diana’s day of passing was just a day before Jungkook’s birthday giving more credibility to the reincarnation theory. Diana died in a Paris car crash after being chased by paparazzi on 31 August 1997 while the BTS member was born the following day. 

Netizens even called Jungkook, one of the most popular idols in the K-pop industry as a reincarnation of Diana. Some users pointed out the similar date of births between the two. 

While others started discussing the personalities and the way of dressing. A few users began sharing pics of the late royal member side by side with the Korean pop-band member, saying that Diana would have been a fan of BTS had she still been alive. What do you think about the reincarnation theory? Let us know in the comments section.

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