Bigg Boss OTT Kannada: Does Rakesh Adiga Have PR Team?

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Rakesh Adiga, a Kannada rapper, is well-known in the industry. He recently entered Bigg Boss OTT. Rakesh enjoys a huge fan following and popularity outside the BBK OTT house. Rakesh Adiga fans have been trending his name and rooting for him on all the social media platforms since day one. 

Rakesh is topping the voting polls with the highest number of votes every week. Netizens predict that Rakesh Adiga will likely be in the top five contestants' list. The craze for Rakesh Adiga could also make him win Bigg Boss Kannada OTT Season 1. 

A section of the audience says that Rakesh Adiga has hired a strong PR team. They say that Rakesh Adiga is surviving elimination because of his PR team, though he is not performing well in the tasks. 

Well, PR teams are hired by every Bigg Boss contestant to root for them. And this is true across all languages. The PR team promotes a particular contestant to prevent them from getting eliminated from the show. However, the fallout of a few contestants hiring their PR team is that sometimes, strong and worthy contestants get evicted due to a lack of vote percentage. 

However, Rakesh's family has denied these allegations and clarified that he does not have any PR team.

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Rakesh Adiga is currently trying to give his best in the house and impress the BBKOTT viewers. So let us wait and watch if Rakesh Adiga can impress the audience or not. Follow Sakshi Post for more updates. 

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