Bigg Boss Non-Stop Week 9 Voting Results

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Bigg Boss Telugu OTT house contestants are displaying a range of emotions from love, friendship, aggressiveness and anger among others. The show is heading towards the final episodes. In just two weeks time, curtains will come down on the OTT format of the most watched reality show. 

Contestants are doing their bit to impress the audience and earn their votes. It wouldn't be wrong to say that every contestant's struggle in Bigg Boss Telugu OTT is real. Meanwhile, there are several debates and arguments on social media platforms about the winner and runner-up of the show. 

Talking about Bigg Boss OTT Telugu voting results, as we mentioned earlier the voting percentage changes each day depending on the contestants' behavior and performance. The contestants who have been nominated for this week's eviction are Ariyana, Mitraaw, Anil, Natraj Master, Baba Bhaskar, Shiva, and Hamida. 

According to Bigg Boss Telugu OTT voting results on social media, Ariyana, Mitraaw, Natraj Master, Baba Bhaskar, and Shiva are in the safe zone. The red zone contestants are Anil and Hamida. There is widespread speculation that Bigg Boss Non Stop makers are planning double elimination or mid-week elimination as the finale is approaching. Netizens guess that both Anil and Hamida might get the red card. Who do you think will get the exit pass in the ninth-week eviction round? Let’s know your opinion through comments. 

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