Bigg Boss 15: This Contestant Gets Exit Pass In Mid Week Eviction

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This week of Bigg Boss Hindi 15 is filled with high drama, twists, and entertainment. In yesterday's episode, Salman Khan celebrated the new year with contestants and special guests. They were Palak Tiwari, Siddharth Nigam, Jannat Zubair, Shekhar Ravjiana, Anu Malik, and a few others who also joined in the new year on the Bigg Boss Hindi 15 stage. For the last two weeks Bigg Boss Hindi makers did not have any elimination and last weekend also no contestant got a red card from the house. There was a rumor doing the rounds on social media that makers might plan mid-week elimination. 

According to the latest promo, Bigg Boss assigns some tasks to the contestants during which, Pratik and Umar Riaz get into a physical fight ending up breaking Bigg Boss house rules. 

Bigg Boss intervenes to declare that a contestant who broke the rules of Bigg Boss house will be punished. The Bigg Boss also asks Umar to leave the Bigg Boss 15 house. So netizens are guessing that Umar might get a red card in the mid-week eviction, while a few of them argue that Umar is not eliminated. They say Bigg Boss warned Umar and gave him a chance. Meanwhile, Umar is one of the top 5 Contestants and viewers have urged the Bigg Boss not to eliminate him. What do you think will happen? will Umar get a red card from Bigg Boss house? Comment below. 

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