BB16: MC Stan Win Out of Syllabus, Say Netizens

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss 16 viewers seem to be upset with Colors TV's decision over Winner. Netizens are slamming BB16 makers and Colors TV for unfair finale results. Bigg Boss 16 viewers believe Colors TV chose MC Stan as the winner, despite the fact that Priyanka Chahar received the highest voting percentage.They claim that Colors TV already has plans to make Mandali members the winners and runners-up. BB16 viewers also question Colors TV about why they opened voting lines if the winner is already their choice. A section of the audience already guessed that Colors TV may declare Shiv Thakare or MC Stan rather than Priyanka. Because every weekend, hosts would point out Priyanka, even though there was no reason. However, Bigg Boss 16 viewers are trolling BB16 makers and Colors TV on social media.

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