World Environment Day 2021, Here Are Some Shocking Facts

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Today is World Environment Day, and here are some shocking facts.

World Environment Day 2021: We observe World Environment Day every year to urge people to adopt proactive measures to save the environment. On this occasion, please allow me to share some shocking facts with you.

Environment Day is observed by all of us every year. Plants need to be conserved, trees need to be planted, and the forest needs to be maintained. Yes, we have heard this. Many of the trees in our communities will be gone by the end of the year. This is precisely what is taking place. In that place, buildings are being built. What we say is one thing, but what actually happens is a completely different tale.

The tree population in certain locations is declining. Some people are also planting saplings to help protect the environment. It's as though we're all obligated to these people.

Let's look at some shocking facts on this World Environment Day.

By 2015, land usage had tripled compared to 1970. That means that if people used a litre of fuel back then, they now use three.

The world's rainforests will be gone by 2100, according to NASA. Rainforests are vanishing at a 100-acre-per-minute rate.

By 2050, the number of fish in the oceans will have substantially dropped. Every minute, a truck dumps plastic waste into the world's seas. Plastic will outnumber fish in the oceans by 2050.

Coral reefs will be extinct by 2070.

If present trends continue, there will be no drinking water by 2040. By 2050, four out of ten people will be without access to clean water.

Every day, an additional 2,15,000 people are born in the world.

Each year, a single garbage bag dumped into the ocean might kill tens of thousands of aquatic species.

By 2100, the city will have produced three times as much waste as it does now.

27,000 trees are chopped down every day for toilet paper. If we could recycle newspapers on a daily basis, it would be comparable to saving 75,000 trees.

We use 80 lakh crore of aluminium cans every year. They will have to be recycled. The TV will operate for three hours on the energy saved by recycling one can.

A glass bottle takes 4,000 years to dissolve on earth.

Every year, around 50,000 animal species around the globe fall extinct.

Without our awareness, we are currently ingesting synthetic substances. Chemicals are produced at nearly 25,000 crore tonnes per year.

Globally, around half of our daily meals are thrown away.

On earth, we use 1,60,000 plastic bags per second, totaling 5 lakh crores each year.

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