The Story Behind This Portrait- Two Years Of YS Jagan

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I witnessed the sight of photosynthesis walk in front of my eyes. And I was not alone to behold this sight..., more than a crore people in Andhra Pradesh would have seen this overwhelming image. If you have missed it, you can see it in the picture above. This photograph, or rather 'Social Photosynthesis' which caught the camera's eye, manages to capture the essence and beauty of a hardworking form in its natural and evocative way.

Through this process (photosynthesis), the tree bears fruits and flowers, but this is not for itself except for the benefit of the world. The tree bearing fruit is a living example of helping others without expecting anything in return. The person in the picture represents the one crore, twenty lakh footsteps undertaken in the arduous journey of one man braving the scorching heat and rains with a purpose. How can one describe or quantify the fruit of that 'Power' that is emulated from the Photosynthesis that goes on in that one being?

It will be sufficient to provide Oxygen and fruits enough to provide for the people of the State of Andhra Pradesh and as the Sanskrit adage ''paropakaram idam sariram' goes, he helps others without expecting anything in return.

To fulfill a promise made twelve years, and after honing himself while learning through the trials and tribulations, this 'Kohinoor Diamond' undertook the Padayatra after nine years even as he faced many obstacles on his path. As they say, the rest is history. At every step, this lone traveller heard stories of hardships.. stories which had no attributes of caste, no religion, no region, no politics.

He made attempts to understand why the farmer was losing. He realized that any help from those in power would boost the self-esteem of the poor and lead to economic growth. A brainstorming session over what policy decisions should be made to make people happy and ensure their welfare. The people applauded the public leader who touched the hearts of the children and spoke to them and gifted him a historic success.

It has been exactly two years since he was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, embarking on a new generation of value-based ​​politics. With the vast experience that he gathered over the period he has sought to bring the democratic system to the doorsteps of every individual.

After coming to power, there was an economic slowdown followed by the COVID pandemic which created a hurdle in the past 15 months.  This apart the Opposition launched the yellow pandemic and tried to influence systems with the backing of the dominant classes. Despite all the hurdles, the government has not strayed from the path of governance in these two years. This apart the people have declared their unwavering support for the two-year rule as witnessed in the local elections victory.

The above portrait of the man stands tall as a turning point and the transformation in the political, social and economic history of Andhra Pradesh.

By Vardhelli Murali- Editor, Sakshi

Click Here for the Original Article in Telugu   Photosynthesis : (ఛాయాచిత్రం చెప్పిన కథ) 

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