How to Make Lakhs From 2 Rupee Coins

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Not many know that one can make money through two Rupees coins minted during a series of years. If you are lucky enough to search your coins boxes or run through your grandparent's closets you might be lucky enough to find those valuable two Rupees coins! And these coins might fetch you lakhs of Rupees based on how many you have...

So now why will anyone get lakhs of Rupees is because these two Rupees coins are minted with cupro-nickel metal.

Next, you have to identify the year in which they are made. So search for the coins of 1994, 1995, 1997 and 2000 series.

Next, make sure that the coin has an India map on its backside.

Not many people know that there are numismatists or in common terms coin collectors who are interested in these coins.

So how do you sell them? Simple you can register yourself in online stores where you can buy and sell stuff like Quikr etc.

Once you post your 2 Rupees coins for sale the bidders will contact you. Quote your price for your item and bargain with them for the right deal.

There is also a hitch to this as the Reserve Bank of India recently cautioned the public from falling prey to 'fictitious deals' offered by unscrupulous elements who are using its name to sell or buy old coins and notes. So check your sources and proceed. 

"It has come to the notice of Reserve Bank of India that certain elements are fraudulently using the name/ logo of Reserve Bank of India, and seeking charges/ commission/ tax from public, in transactions related to buying and selling of old banknotes and coins through various online/ offline platforms. It is clarified that Reserve Bank of India does not deal in such matters and never seeks charges/ commissions of any sort. Reserve Bank of India has also not authorised any institution/ firm/ person etc. to collect charges/ commission on its behalf in such transactions. Reserve Bank of India advises members of public to remain cautious and not to fall prey to elements using the name of Reserve Bank of India to extract money through such fictitious/ fraudulent offers," said  the RBI in a circular. (Source: OdishaTV)

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