TRS MP's Fake PAs Held For Extorting Money From Delhi Resident

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The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) officers have arrested three individuals who were taking money from gullible people at TRS MP Maloth Kavitha’s official residence claiming to be her Personal Assistants (PAs). One of them has been identified as the MP’s driver. While the MP said one of them was her driver, she also said that she did not know the other two. She also refused to comment any further on the matter. 

The trio is said to have demanded Rs 5 lakhs from a landlord in Delhi for allegedly constructing the house illegally. CBI officials arrested Rajiv Bhattacharya, Subhangigupta and Durgesh Kumar after the landlord, Manmit Singh Lamba filed a complaint against them.

Lamba had said that Bhattacharya, who introduced himself as Maloth's PA, had demanded money to protect his house from getting demolished by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). Bhattacharya had claimed that an MCD officer known to him will help him in the matter.

Then Bhattacharya introduced Gupta as the officer and then Kumar as another PA of MP Maloth Kavitha. Three of them demanded an amount of Rs 5 lakhs to save Lamba’s home. Lamba was asked to bring the money to the MP’s official residence in Delhi.

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