Top-ranking Online Law Academies in India in 2023

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Lawyers in India are in a unique position to support people, groups, and organisations with their legal issues and to further the public good. As India is a diverse nation, the legal profession is today not limited to a few areas of work but has grown into many and gone beyond the traditional choices. So many people have been wondering what the future holds for the legal profession and practice in India.
The need for legal professionals is growing as a result of how quickly the economy is expanding and how new job categories have been introduced. Individuals who want to start their careers in this lucrative domain require professional education and legal practice. Listed below are a few of the law schools that offer the best legal education available online. 

1.    Henry Harvin Law Academy
The Henry Harvin Law Academy is an online learning platform that provides a variety of legal courses. It is a part of Henry Harvin Education, a renowned educational provider that provides a variety of courses in various subjects. Numerous courses are offered by the Henry Harvin Law Academy that cover a range of legal topics, including contract law, corporate law, intellectual property law, and more. The academy is a great resource for anyone trying to learn useful legal knowledge and abilities because the courses are created by professionals in the field. By the end of this decade, Henry Harvin's law school intends to have trained about 1 lakh students. When law schools are compared across various platforms, Henry Harvin's law academy consistently comes out on top.

2.    Indian Academy of Law and Management (IALM)
The Indian Academy of Law and Management (IALM) is a division of The Indian Legal Foundation (TILF), a non-profit organization. Since its founding, IALM has concentrated on offering high-quality online courses, webinars, and workshops that advance professional opportunities, skill development, and knowledge to support academic studies. Additionally, IALM offers its online teaching community the chance to showcase their areas of expertise and connect with students all over the world. The professional faculty at IALM contributes a wide range of experiences from around the world to its platform. They not only impart academic knowledge but also the skills necessary to thrive in modern-day work.

3.    E-Justice India
One of the most reputable and recognised legal websites in India is E-Justice India. E-Justice India is dedicated to law students, attorneys, and lawyers. E-Justice India's mission is to educate people about the Indian legal system. Through their online portal, they have made progress towards the right to education. In the past two years, they have trained over 45,000 lawyers, academics, and practitioners from 200+ colleges and 15+ countries. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has recognised CSM Partners and Associates LLP (AAS-5840) as the manager of E-Justice India.

4.    Fusion Law School (FLS)
Fusion Law School offers legal education that combines both theoretical and practical facets of the law. They provide courses that are exclusively created and instructed by legal professionals. The courses are made up of organised training programmes on different legal topics that aid the students in improving their practical knowledge, skills, and proficiency in the actual day-to-day practise of law. Furthermore, it gives students a clear professional advantage in this cutthroat environment. The goal of Fusion Law School is to close the knowledge gap between what is taught in law schools and what is needed in the legal profession. The FLS course syllabus has been created to meet the specifications set forth by law firms, practising attorneys, and corporate entities.

5.    Lawskills
Lawskills is a self-paced e-learning platform that offers standardised courses that are open to students from all socioeconomic strata, ensuring that all students have an equal opportunity to learn. The courses are created in a modular format, which facilitates reading and gives you more flexibility. Through this platform, Lawskills also hopes to promote a culture of lifelong learning, minimising the gap between the skills that are needed and those that are available. Lawskills courses are designed and developed by reputed practitioners who are authorities in their respective fields in an effort to prepare first-timers for the workforce.

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