Why Kapus Should Oppose CM Jagan? Kapus Send Ultimatum To Pawan's Janasena!

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Kapu community leaders in Andhra Pradesh seem to be unhappy with Pawan Kalyan and Janasena party. The majority of the Kapu community is questioning Pawan over the seats being allocated to Janasena in the electoral alliance it struck with the TDP. Kapus are demanding that Janasena should be given at least 50 MLA seats and 5 MP seats as part of the alliance out of the 175 seats. Failing to do so, Kapus questi

Meanwhile, a section of Kapu leaders also asked the Janasena party why they should oppose CM Jagan. They find no specific reasons to oppose CM Jagan's administration and the YSRCP.

Interestingly, Kapus also questioned Pawan's Janasena about the terms of the alliance. One Kapu leader asked that during the announcement of the alliance, Pawan declared that he would walk alongside TDP. However, he is now walking behind TDP and Chandrababu.

Why should the Kapus oppose CM Jagan?

During CM Jagan's 52-month rule, the Kapu and Shetty Balija communities received a direct benefit of Rs. 22,333 crores.

Through non-DBT, the Kapu community received another Rs. 16,914 crores, making the total benefit Rs. 32,247 crores.

There is Kapu Nestam. However, there is no Reddy Nestam or Kamma Nestam.

Kapus ignored during Chandrababu's regime

Kapu leaders stated that they got a raw deal during Chandrababu's tenure.

Chinarajappa was made the Home Minister. But he had no powers. He had openly cried that he could not transfer a constable.
Naidu gave the position to some Kapus only whose wife or husband is Kamma.

And what happened in Jagan's government?
Botsa Satyanarayana, Perni Nani, Rambabu, Kannababu, Muttamshetty, Amarnath and many others secured crucial posts.

Kapu Senior Leaders On Chandrababu

What Chegondi Harirama Jogaiah has written in his book? The assassination of Vangaveeti Ranga is an unforgettable incident.

As for Kanna Lakshminarayana, he stated that he narrowly escaped harm; otherwise, anything could have happened to him.

Mudragada expressed that his family experienced torture, and his wife and sons were subjected to abuse.

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