Plan Your Trips According To Rules And Lockdown Timings: AP DGP

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AMARAVATI: In a press release issued by the Director-General of Police, Andhra Pradesh on Monday, the police asked people planning to travel to AP to apply and take e-pass , while those travelling to Telangana would have to do the same via

“In Telangana there is relaxation of lockdown between 6 a.m and 10 a.m daily. People are advised to take the e-pass if they are planning to go to Telangana. Similarly, those heading to Andhra Pradesh can travel between 6 a.m and 12 p.m when there is relaxation in the curfew, after the relaxation period one should have an e-pass to travel,” the press release said, adding that for Tamil Nadu, and for Odisha
The press communiqué also said those heading to other States with patients in ambulances could contact the AP Police through Twitter or Facebook. “Necessary assistance is being extended to the people by the police,” it said.

If you want to travel in AP
You can travel between 6 am and 12 noon in AP. No passes are required if you can plan your journey to reach your destination in between these timings. 
This e-pass must be taken only if travelling at other times. Such persons should apply for the e-pass with the relevant certifications and obtain permission. Travel during curfew in AP can be obtained through the Citizen Service Portal , Twitter (@ APPOLICE100), and their Facebook account.

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