I feel pity for Pawan fans: Sajjala  Expresses Disappointment

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Amaravati: The State General Secretary of the YSRCP and advisor to the Andhra Pradesh government, Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy, expressed his dissatisfaction with Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan and his followers during a recent press conference.

Reddy's dismayed towards Pawan Kalyan, stating that seeing the Janasena chief had become embarrassing. He questioned Pawan Kalyan's capacity for leadership, saying he was unfit to manage a political party. Reddy also criticised Pawan Kalyan's alleged dependency on Chandrababu Naidu, suggesting that the Janasena chief had degraded himself by accepting seats thrown by Naidu for elections. Sajjala said it would be less derogatory if Pawan just takes the post of TDP Vice President.

Furthermore, Reddy expressed sympathy for Pawan Kalyan's supporters, since they must endure seeing Pawan in such a disparaging light. He emphasised Pawan Kalyan's ambiguity about his political position and candidatures inside the Janasena party.

In addition, Reddy reiterated his faith in the YSRCP's ability to win the next elections by highlighting their strength and vision for the state and he questioned Pawan Kalyan how he will fight against the formidable YSRCP in elections with just 24 seats.

Reddy's remarks highlighted the mounting discord and doubt in Andhra Pradesh politics surrounding the Janasena-TDP alliance. Reddy's comments provide insights into the viewpoints and dynamics influencing the political discourse in the region as the political landscape continues to change.

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