Babu Deeksha to Support Pattabhi Remarks, Asks Perni Nani

Perni Venkataramaiah-AP  Minister of Transport and I&PR  Comments On TDP - Sakshi Post

AMARAVATI: TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu would stoop low to any extent in politics,  criticized State Transport and Information Minister Perni Venkatramayya (Perni Nani). Speaking to the media on Thursday, he said that the Chandrababu was doing a fake protest in the name of the 36 hours Deeksha. Who is Chandrababu cheating in the name of these protests? Is Chandrababu supporting the use of vulgar language and trying to convey the same through this protest, Perni Nani asked.

The language used was despicable and not acceptable by society. Chandrababu's political life is full of lies, deceit, and conspiracies. Chandrababu's son Lokesh was enough to end TDP's existence, he scoffed. He asked as to why Chandrababu was indulging in such politics to come to power and that too at the cost of the State.

What is the necessity for such disgusting politics at the age of 74, he asked? When Amit Shah was attacked why did he not think about asking for President’s rule then, the Minister asked.

Chandrababu was a person who was unfit to be in politics. How can one speak against YS Jagan, who was adored by millions of people, by using such derogatory words, he asked. Because of democracy, the father-son duo continue their vicious games, he flared.  After backstabbing the late NTR there are only demons left in the TDP, Perni Nani remarked.

The people of the State are also watching the disgusting politics going on in the state since yesterday morning. Chandrababu is indulging in such politics under the mad delusion of bringing his son to power. It would be better if you realize your mistake and end this Deeksha and go home keeping in mind the welfare of the people. One can only feel pity for the vile culture that you (TDP) are living in and in the use of such language and vocabulary in the past few days, the Minister stated.

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