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New Delhi: The cat is out of the bag! Finally, it has been made clear that the friendship between TDP and BJP will continue in the days to me and for very long. This was confirmed by none other than Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh during his address in Parliament today as part of the discussion on no-confidence motion.

During his speech, Rajnath Singh said Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu would always remain a friend of BJP. "The friendship with Chandrababu will remain unbroken and will continue forever. Though he has walked out of NDA, he will always remain our friend," he said.

The Union Home Minister made it clear that the bond between TDP and BJP will continue forever. "Politics aside, Chandrbabu is our friend, though the parties may be different." Finally, with these statements, it is very clear that the TDP-BJP combine have played a drama and have fooled the entire nation.

Earlier, he said the TDP MPs expressed their anguish and do have a lot of concerns. We have tried to implement AP Reorganisation Act 2014 as much as possible. However, since it is a matter between two states, some things cannot be done until there's a consensus. "Whatever is left to be done, will be done soon," Singh said.

He listed out what the NDA alliance government did for AP, amid uproar by the TDP MPs. On the question of Special Category Status, Rajnath Singh said there are some compulsions, but whatever special assistance is needed for AP would be given. He pointed out that a special assistance package was given to AP in 2016, and there are several projects in the pipeline. "AP government should have implemented all the projects sanctioned without stressing on special status," he added.

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