Watch: Sri Reddy’s Version Of Prabhas’s Pyscho Saiyaan From Saaho

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Sri Reddy, who shook the nation with her semi-nude protest against sexual harassment and also levelled several allegations of sexual harassment against top Telugu celebrities is back in news.

She was the person who spoke about the presence of casting couch in Tollywood. It is a known fact that she wants to become one of the most successful actors in the film industry.

But, she hasn't got any movie offers from filmmakers. This is her grouse—that Telugu filmmakers are not giving enough opportunity to local talent, particularly female actors Yet Sri Reddy is extremely popular in the Telugu states.

She always manages to be in the headlines like leadiactors. Sri Reddy is an internet buff and has gained six million followers on Facebook. She always tries to entertain them by posting video or pictures on facebook.

She has an opinion about everything and her posts often becomes the subject of discussion or debate. The latest post on Sri Reddy's timeline is her grooving to the peppy chart buster Psycho Saiyaan from Prabhas's upcoming film Saaho.

Recently, she was seen promoting Prabhas' Saaho for a song 'Pyscho Saiyaan' by creating her version of the song. Check out the video:

Sri Reddy Version Of Psycho Saiyaan From Saaho

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