Real Reason For Nutan Naidu Exit From Bigg Boss 2 House

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Controversial TV reality show Nani's Telugu Bigg Boss 2 is one of the highly discussed topics these days. Yet, Bigg Boss 2 hasn't lived up to the audience expectations when compared to NTR's Season-1. Small screen viewers who were interviewed called Bigg Boss 2 a total waste of time saying it doesn't contain any social message for the audiences. There was also news that most of the contestants on the show have cases against them.

Babu Gogineni has been booked for ‘sedition’ and ‘treason’ and 11 more crimes, including violation of UIDAI Act. If sources are to be believed, Babu Gogineni could have received a letter from police to report. Probably that's the reason the organizers eliminated him from the show.

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On the other hand, commoner Nutan Naidu walked out of the show, again. This piece of news has gone viral on social media network as he was the only supporter to Kaushal. Nutan Naidu made a re-entry to the bigg boss house with Syamala a few days back. Nutan Naidu's sudden exit has sparked rumors in Telly circles that there is another reason.

Recently, a person who went by the name Siva spoke to a Telugu news channel and revealed the true colors of Nutan Naidu. Siva stated that Nutan Naidu had cheated several people by luring them with false promises of getting permission to set up schools. He took lumpsum amount from public. Whatever Nutan Naidu paid for Bigg Boss 2 was not his own but public money,it is being said. Siva went on say that Nutan Naidu is no commoner but a big cheat.

If you don't believe us have a look at this video

Babu Gogineni and Nutan Naidu are stepping out of the house back to back has caught the attention of people and set tongues wagging on social media.Let's wait and watch to see what happens next.

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