Asifabad Case Verdict On January 30th, Hajipur on February 6th

Asifabad Samatha Case Hajipur Case verdicts postponed - Sakshi Post

NALGONDA/ASIFABAD: The verdict related to the two sensational cases of Hajipur rape and murder of three minor girls and Samatha (tribal woman) at Komaram Bheem Asifabad will be rendered today.

The Fifth Additional Sessions Special Court in Adilabad will render the verdict against the three accused Sheikh Babu, Sheikh Maqdoom and Sheikh Shabuddin on January 30th. Due to the presiding Judge being unwell , he had to take leave and the judgement was postponed to 30th of this month.

In the Asifabad case, the three accused Sheikh Babu, Sheikh Maqdoom and Sheikh Shabuddin raped and killed a tribal woman who was street hawker in a field in Yellatpur village in November, 2019. They kidnapped and raped her in a cotton field nearby and when she resisted, they slit her throat with a knife.

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The I Additional District Judge and judge for POCSO cases at Nalgonda which was to deliver the verdict in the cases against accused Marri Srinivasa Reddy in the Hajipur case was postponed to February 6th, much to the disappointment of the family members of the three girls who were eagerly waiting for the verdict.The accused Srinivasa Reddy had trapped three minor girls promising to give them a lift. He took them to nearly abandoned well, where he raped, murdered and buried them in the well.

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