Transport Department In AP Trembling At This Warning

he stern warning that he gave to the corrupt officials of his department has gone viral on the social media - Sakshi Post

Amaravati: It’s quite rare for such a corruption-ridden department as the RTA wing to see an IPS officer, who is not just incorruptible, but also is someone who strikes terror in the minds of the corrupt and the unscrupulous.

IPS officer and RTA Commissioner PSR Anjaneyulu is one such officer. The stern warning that he gave to the corrupt officials of his department has gone viral on the social media. He has taken a very serious view of the spate of transfers in the department during the reign of Chandrababu Naidu. Most of the transfers and deputations involved huge amounts of bribes.

Some persons remained in their positions since 2015 without a transfer. Even this involved bribes. The then higher officials were hand in glove in these deals. PSR Anjaneyulu has issued a strong warning to these officials. In a recent meeting, he warned the RTA officials and motor vehicle inspectors not to indulge in corrupt practices.

He told them that under the reign of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy there would be utmost transparency and that corruption would not be tolerated at all. He held a special meeting of the RTA officials and MVIs and told them that serious action would be initiated against them if they were found to be involved in corrupt practices.

Several RTA officials are feeling happy that the transfers and appointments this time did not involve any corruption. Not just that, everything was done in a transparent manner. The employees are saying that this would be the first time when such a thing has happened in the department.

Over 300 transfers have been made but not one of them had to pay money. PSR Anjaneyulu has also initiated stiff action against the private travels that are resorting to large-scale irregularities. He has also taken strong action against those private dealers who siphoned off huge amounts by presenting fake invoices.

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