Swear By These Monsoon Hair Hacks

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The blissful mornings of wet window panes, aromatic smell of the mud while sipping a hot cup of coffee along with a mesmerizing view of lush green trees. As happy as the monsoon seems it might not be the same for your hair. This necessitates the need of a hair wash and a shower after one has had a shower in the rain.

The excessive content of acid in the rainwater and escalation of moisture content in the atmosphere makes it worse. The excessive humidity causes fungal infections to break into your scalp causing problems like irritation, stickiness, itchiness and dandruff in your scalp. The Monsoon itself leaves several damaging effects on our hair health.

Dr. Arvind Poswal, Hair Expert and Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dr. A’s Clinic explains how to save your blow dry in monsoon to increase manageability and conditioning of their hair:

1. Go Short: The best weather to go short hair is a monsoon. Short hair is easy to manage and can be modulated easily and reduces the hassle of their proper maintenance. They can be easily and quickly air-dried and can the blow dry can also be saved upon.

2. Oil Massage: There’s absolutely nothing as beneficial, healthy and rejuvenation as an oil massage for the hair. Oil seeps in through your hair follicles and nourishes your scalp and prevents the external environment from attacking the hair. It adverts from several infections and enriches your scalp while keeping your hair strong and healthy.

3. Moisturize your Hair: Yes, even hair also need moisturization. When your hair gets dehydrated, they absorb moisture faster. Dry hair is difficult to manage therefore, it is essential to condition your hair at least thrice a week. Try natural ways and home remedies to condition your hair.

4. Tie your Hair: The increase moistness during Monsoon leave the hair damp and frizzy which is why it is always advised to tie your hair. This way the hair is protected from the humid weather and are substantially safe too.

5. Always Use a Serum: A serum is a boon for our hair. Serums enhance manageability, reduce tangles and also naturally style our hair. Always apply serum onto your hair strands after a hair wash to avoid unnecessary frizz and dampness. It also moisturizes and nourishes the hair.

6. Always Use Cold Water: Avoid taking a hair bath with hot water. Always wash your hair with cold water as it seals up the pores so that the adequate moisture reaches the hair follicles.

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