Ogilvy Recreates Iconic Cadbury Dairy Milk Ad With Gender Swap

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Back in the 1990s, Cadbury released an advertisement that instantly resonated with people. It became an iconic ad and was loved by everyone. Model Shimona Rashi featured in it. The ad showed Rashi sitting on the sidelines praying for her boyfriend (presumably) to score the winning run. As soon as he made it, she ran towards him, past all the guards, and danced on the field.

This ad became a hit as it broke the stereotype that chocolate was meant only for kids. It was directed by the ad agency Ogilvy. Once again this ad is back in the trend and this time with a meaningful twist. Cadbury has reimagined this ad with a little gender role reversal. This time, it is the women’s cricket match and the man is on the sidelines. When his girlfriend manages to score the winning six, he runs towards her, similarly dancing and running past all the security. The tag “Asli swaad Zindagi ka” runs in the background.

As we know, India as a country has always been more towards men when it comes to cricket. Men’s cricket is extremely popular in the country. In a place and scene like this, the ad comes as a new shift. Netizens are in love with this ad and are praising Cadbury for this.

“Oh wow!! Take a bow, Cadbury Dairy Milk and Ogilvy :) A simple, obvious twist that was long overdue, and staring right at all of us all this while!,” wrote communications consultant Karthik Srinivasan on Twitter. He also shared both the ads.

Mediacorp executive Parminder Singh also took to the social media platform to praise Cadbury and the ad. “An iconic campaign, a contemporary twist, and so many relevant messages!” he said.

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