Newsmakers on Twitter in 2021

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The 2021 Twitter trends are in, and singing great Lata Mangeshkar and Oscar-winning music master AR Rahman are at the top of the list of the most tweeted-about Indian musicians. Not only that, but BTS are among the top tweeted artists in India, where the Korean boy band has dominated music talks. The tweets from the K-pop group have also received the most retweets and likes this year.

Here are the newsmakers of 2021. The most tweeted, liked and talked about music artists of 2021.

#OnlyOnTwitter 2021: Top tweets in Music

Most retweeted tweet in music: BTS

Most liked tweet in music: BTS

Most Tweeted hashtags in music in 2021

1. #BTS

2. #BBMAsTopSocial

3. #iHeartAwards



Most Tweeted-about songs of the year

1. #BTS_butter

2. #PermissionToDance

3. #Dynamite

4. #MyUniverse

5. #Dont_fight_the_feeling

In most categories, in fact in all of them, it is Kpop boyband BTS that has topped the list. They are the most talked about musical artist of 2021.

#OnlyOnTwitter: Most Tweeted about music artists in 2021

1. BTS (@BTS_twt)

2. Lata Mangeshkar (@mangeshkarlata)

3. AR Rahman (@arrahman)

4. Taylor Swift (@taylorswit13)

5. Armaan Malik (@ArmaanMalik22)

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