Dawood Ibrahim's Nephew Sohail Kaskar Escapes US Clutches, Flees To Pakistan

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Mumbai: Sohail Kaskar, the nephew of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, appears to have fled to Pakistan via Dubai, despite India's best efforts. The Mumbai Police were in contact with US authorities who had Kaskar in custody in a narco-terror case. Kasker is the son of Ibrahim's younger brother Noora.

In June 2014, he was detained in Spain on charges of narco-terrorism, providing support to Colombian guerrillas, and smuggling heroin into the United States. He was extradited to the United States a year later and imprisoned there for a few years. India has been in contact with the US, where Mumbai police urged them to hand over Kaskar after his jail term was completed. The transfer had to be done as per a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty signed in 2005.

Kaskar's voice was recently detected on a phone conversation, confirming his whereabouts in Pakistan. The same was later confirmed by US government authorities. Furthermore, according to CBI sources, the central agency had received no information on the status of India's deportation request or how Kaskar was permitted to leave for Pakistan.

It was said that the Mumbai Police Department and US authorities worked together to secure Kaskar's repatriation. Kaskar was on Mumbai Police's radar to watch Dawood Ibrahim's whereabouts, despite the fact that he was not facing any specific charges in India. Kaskar was a D-Company insider, so through him, India was trying to understand more about the operations of the company.

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