BBK9 Latest Promo Shows Prashanth-Roopesh Fighting Over Water Conservation

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Bigg Boss Kannada 9: Prashanth Sambargi needs no introduction. He is known for controversial fights and anger issues. Yes, he is among the contestants from the previous seasons. BBK viewers enjoyed Prashanth's antics in Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8. When Kichcha Sudeep confirmed Prashanth Sambargi's re-entry, viewers were looking forward to some drama, arguments and fights inside the Bigg Boss house. 

Colors Kannada released a promo in which we can see Prashanth and Roppesh Rajanna getting into an ugly fight over water conservation. During dinner, Roopesh Rajanna tells all his housemates to use water judiciously and that they should save water.  In response, Prashanth tells Rajanna that they have learnt all that before entering house and asks him to stop giving unnecessary gyan to them. The argument gets out of control, and Prashanth lashes out at Roopesh Rajanna. 

Check out the promo: 

Earlier, Prashanth and Aryavardhan also got into a fight. Prashanth Sambargi interrupted Arayavardhan's conversation and asks him not to talk about something which is meaningless. Bigg Boss Kannada 9 viewers say that  Prashanth is playing a safe game knowing that controversial fights will ensure that he survives in the house for a long time. Anyway, Bigg Boss Kannada viewers are enjoying Prashanth Sambargi's fights as they did in BBK8. But in season 9 Prashanth is being careful with his words.

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Let's wait and watch to know what exactly happened. Follow Sakshi Post for more updates. 

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