Innocence lost: Video against Child prostitution goes viral


A touching video by Bachpan Bachao Andolan, a grassroots movement fighting against child labour,

child trafficking and child servitude, urges viewers not to look the other way when confronted with the evils of child prostitution, is going viral. The video titled #dontlookaway, makes such a powerful point that it has taken the social media by storm. 

The two minute video starts with a young girl trying, to cross a busy evening road. She is dressed in a floral dress,complete with matching slippers and accessories. Just another young girl, innocently, trying to emulate adults. 

But once she crosses the road and steps into a car, dread writ large on her face, it becomes clear that she is not a child enjoying a normal childhood. She is being prostituted.

India has close to 1.2 million child prostitutes, a statistic that is only going upwards with every passing year. The video is a rude awakening and a fervent plea to stop this inhuman practice that robs young girls off their innocence and childhood.

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