Palnadu 12th day collections


Pandiya Nadu is Tamil Action / Romantic Movie Directed by Susindhran. Vishal Krishna and Lakshmi Menon Main plays lead roles. Pandiya Nadu acerca movie story is how comman man turn into action hero and Takes revange for his brother.

Tamil-Telugu bilingual. It's titled 'Palnadu' in Telugu and Pandia Nadu in Tamil. This movie is an action movie with high grade stunts and all over famous typical south Indian actions and scenes. Palnadu was an awaited movie that has been launched at a time of Diwali which is a golden opportunity for this film to get into higher business on box office.

Palnadu is a very entertaining movie which is gaining nice response from the audience. Audience is rushing towards the cinema halls and multiplexes to watch this movie as it is a time of celebration and holidays, so much of the audience is spending time with their loved ones and watching movies in the theaters.

Palnadu 1st day Collections is 4.25 Crores

Palnadu  2nd day Collections is 4.02 Crores

Palnadu  3rd day Collections is 3.63 Crores

Palnadu  4th day Collections is 3.10 Crores

Palnadu  5th day Collections is 2.56 Crores

Palnadu 6th day Collections is 2.52 Crores

Palnadu 7th day Collections is 2.25 Crores

Palnadu 8th day Collections is 1.90 Crores

Palnadu 9th day Collections is 2.45 Crores

Palnadu 10th day Collections is 2.16 Crores

Palnadu 11th day Collections is 2.01 Crores

Palnadu 12th day Collections is 1.92 Crores

Palnadu Total Collections is 33.78 Crores

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